Registered in 2006 with offices in Qingdao and Hong Kong, Bluefir is a leading Mobile Media firm in China. From 2008, Bluefir shifted to a creative media firm developing high quality content on mobile phones. Presently we focus on developing international standard mixed creative mixed content with professional, excellent UI design, Sound FX and coding.

Bluefir is committed to achieving high quality industry standards as we continue to build the best creative house for digital media in China. Our creative products include games, apps, visual design and original music on mobile devices.


Our clients include industry leaders such as Sony Ericsson, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, and Warner Brothers.

Bluefir has also delivered high satisfaction to end consumers of our creative products delivered via web and mobile devices.


Founded as a successor to MBlue Mobile Studio in 2002, Bluefir is one of the most experienced companies of its kind in China, dealing in digital media across various platforms with a comprehensive service menu including audio/visual creation, design and coding under one roof.


Bluefir is committed to build the best creative house for digital media in China by designing and producing professional quality creative media content that simultaneously fits and expands upon current technologies and trends in electronic presentation of information.


Bluefir employs an excellent group of talented graphic artists, designers, animators, programmers, and musicians. Our team includes several senior designers excelling in planning and design.

We are constantly aiming to create new quality standards for media, providing users a fresh and vibrant experience, delivering to our clients on time and on target. We have grown to over 30 members in our family as of 2012, led by Ryan Wang.