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5 Totems is a Solitaire card game inspired puzzle game for Windows Phone. Since it was released
5 totems has got good reviews by lots of wp7 app review website.
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Bluefir Game Review on the Official Nokia Blog

GLOBAL – In Qingdao – China – 2002, a creative media firm called Bluefir was founded, designing and producing digital media content on mobile phones and other devices, too. Today, you can find Bluefir games available at Ovi Store and we’ve selected three of their best games for the Nokia N8 – built using Qt – for you to try.

Parking Lot Hero – £1.50

Imagine this, if you will. You’ve parked up your car in an empty space of the car park and have gone shopping. When you come back, you find ten other cars parked, too. However, they’ve been less then generous in allowing room for other people to manoeuvre from their parking spot. You included. The aim of this game is to move the other cars out of the way, by rolling them backwards or forwards, not sideways, with your finger on the screen. The difficulty is doing this in the confines of the rammed car park. Once you’ve moved them aside, you’re free to continue your journey. Or at least until the next level, where you find yourself in the same situation, except a little trickier.

Shadow Archer – £1.50

In order to win in battle, you must defeat the enemy. Sometimes there is only one to beat, sometimes many. In Shadow Archer you’re one man against – sometimes – many. Armed with only a bow and some arrows, you must launch those arrows into the horizon in the hope of stopping the army of the wicked king. It’s a tricky game as to begin with, your first shot is a bit of a guess, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it satisfying knowing you’ve mastered the laws of gravity as you arrows soar into the distance. Once you make progress through the game, you’ll pick up different abilities and power-ups, as well as some cool looking outfits.

UFO Collectors – £1.50

In UFO Collectors, you are an alien with a fleet of spaceships sent to earth to capture all the humans. As you’re hovering above countries such as China, America, Egypt and France, you use the power of your finger to activate the tractor beam. As the pesky humans walk around underneath you, you’ve got to press on them to select them and then drag them back to your flying saucers. But not any saucer. Only one of them will have their loading bay open at a time and it’s never open for long. Take too much time in collecting the people and the local police will come along to shoot you down.

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